Our company was established as a small enterprise in 1988.  Int he first time we worked for only personal consumption. Later we produced frames in lease work. In 1995 we established the Kiss and Partner Ltd. Int he first time the company was very familiar frames but the during continuous investments we bulit up a sheet metal working company.

With our machinery the production is economic for medium and small series.

From 1996 our main partner is an austrian company which produces excavators and tractors. During the years we reached the „A” category suppliers position. We produce more than 1000 parts for this group.We also have customers in Germany.

In 2005 and 2008 we made very important investments: we built a total new firm which can assist our production from the infrastucture side. Beside this we built a totaly new activity: a grain machine and an electrostatic painter machine, our production activity is more colour  and economic. These investments are sponsored by European Unio.

In 2008-2009 during the worldwide crisis, our activity was  raining hard but owing to the owner strict and responsible economy the company  with great losses tided over the hard days. In 2010 we strated agian the growth and for the year end reached the revenues and headcount before the crisis.

2011 was the best year in the life of the company. The revenue and the headcount was never higher from the start, we bought a new plant and we decided to do again seriuos investments with the spronzoring of  European Unio.

We finished in 2012 the following investments with the sponzoring of the European Unio:

  • last buyed plant renovation
  • new plant building
  • new fork-lift trailers
  • paint machine capacitate growing
  • 3 kW Salvagnini Fiber laesermachine

Main activity

  • Metal working and surface treatment
  • Sheet metal working
  • Turning machines: CNC truning machines and working centers

Company datas (2012):

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Headcount 65 65 44 60 85 100
Relevance eHUF 568 097 573 642 295 427 627 605 910 000 1 074 000
Plant area 1800 m² 1800 m² 1800 m² 1800 m² 3100 m² 3900 m²

Please, watch our photos about our most significant parts and machines.
We can porduce many things from sheet metal.



  • 1 pc Trulaser 3,3 kW
  • 1 pc Salvagnini Fiber Laser 3 kW
  • 4 pcs bending machines (Trumpf 130t, Ermak 40t, 2 db 90t)
  • 3 pcs disc saws machines
  • 2 pcs CNC turning machines
  • 1 pc Grain machine
  • 1 pc electrostatic painter machine (with higher capacity from September 2012)
  • 1 pc Horizontal axe working center (630*630 mm table)
  • 1 pc Vertical axe working center (1000 mm table)
  • 1 pc shears machine
  • 1 pc Milling machine
  • CNC band saw machine
  • 1 pc hydraulik pressing machine
  • 1 pc excenter pressing machine 63 t
  • 6 pcs drill-press milling machines
  • Point welding machines
  • Sheetmetal rolling machine

We hope our activity is interested You and search us!